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2 Guns Movie Review

2 Guns

2 Guns is an American comedy action thriller movie released in 2013. This movie is written by Blake Masters and directed by Baltasar Korm├íkur. It is based on a graphic novel series of the same name published by Boom! Studios. The major characters of the movie 2 Guns are played by Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Paula Patton, Edward James Olmos, Bill Paxton, James Marsden, Robert John Burke and Greg Sproles.

The movie 2 Guns is about an undercover cop and an undercover Navy SEAL agent, who get betrayed by their own teammates after robbing a huge amount of money from a bank, which they believed, would help their own agencies. Soon they find their lives at risk for their acts.

Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in a scene of 2 guns by oceans movie reviews
Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg in a scene of 2 Guns

At the beginning of 2 Guns, we see two men, Trench and Stigman, sets a diner on fire. Then we see, few weeks ago, both of them visits a Mexican drug lord named Papi Greco. Trench tries to get some cocaine from  Papi in exchange of some fake passports, but Papi keeps it due.

When they enter U.S.A. after that, they are questioned at the border by the police. Then it is revealed that Trench is an undercover cop. Later, with his girlfriend, he plans to rob $ 3M from a bank where Papi is depositing, to gain evidence for Papi’s work. They also plan to frame Stigman for the robbing.
At the same time, we learn that, Stigman is an undercover U.S. Navy SEAL agent. His boss also tells him to rob the same money and frame Trench for the robbing. They plan to use the money for their undercover operations.

So, not knowing each other’s true identity, Trench and Stigman robs the bank. But while they are robbing, they get amazed to find $ 43M, instead of $ 3M which was confirmed by their own teams. At the end of the heist, none of their teams comes to the scene as planned. They take all the money to somewhere where Stigman shoots and injures Trench and learns his identity as a cop.

Stigman brings the money to his boss and then his boss tries to kill him. Stigman learns that the money will be taken to a navy base and then he escapes. Then we see a CIA agent is torturing the bank manager to know about the stolen money.

Trench goes to Stigman’s apartment to investigate about him, where he comes in the contact of a navy SEAL assassination team sent by Stigman’s boss to kill Stigman. Trench escapes alive with the help of Stigman. He then goes to his boss’s house, where he finds his boss is killed by that CIA agent. That CIA agent then frames Trench for the robbing and the killing and tells him that he will clear Trench out of these if he returns the money.

Trench and Stigman teams up again. They kidnap Papi to learn about the money and take him to Trench’s girlfriend’s home. From Papi, they learn that the money they robber are the illegal money of CIA. Navy assassins attack there also and then Papi gets free. With the help of his men, Papi then brings Trench, his girlfriend and Stigman back to Mexico. On the next day, he gives Trench and Stigman 24 hours time to bring that money back , otherwise Trench’s girlfriend will die.

Trench and Stigman then plans to go to the navy base to bring the money and to inform the seniors about Stigman’s boss’s works. But can they do it? Do the seniors believe them? Can they save Trench’s girlfriend?  Lets watch the movie to know the answers.

My review about the movie 2 Guns:
First of all, I liked 2 Guns.

The plot of 2 Guns was enjoyable. Although the plot didn’t feel completely solid, and you may feel something missing in the plot, but still, you should enjoy it. Its true that the director could include some more interesting events in the plot to make it feel solid, but it seemed good nonetheless. The direction and the screenplay were also beautiful. They are good enough to keep you trilled, attached and entertained for the whole movie till the end.

The casting of 2 Guns seemed perfect and all the artists has played their parts very well. The characters of Danzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg were completely different but they mixed togather beautifully. You won’t be able to complain about any of the other characters too. The dialogues were hillarious and entertaining. The mixture of comedy and thrill has also played out nicely, like the Bad Boys movies.

The music and sound effects of 2 Guns also felt good. The lighting, camera works, costumes and the locations were good too. In the movie, you will see a limited use of special effects, but all of them will seem perfectly matched.

A nude scene and some killing scenes make 2 Guns not appropriate for children.

So, overall, 2 Guns seemed as a good movie. It had a little weak point at its plot, but perfection at every other thing has made it enjoyable. Hopefully, you will have a great time passes by watching 2 Guns. I’ll definitely recommend watching 2 Guns to all movie fans.

But you know, you don’t have to agree with my views. What do you think about this movie? Share your views about 2 Guns with us at the comments.

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The Watch Movie Review

The Watch

The Watch is a comedy science fiction fantasy movie released in 2012. This movie was previously known as Neighborhood Watch. It is written by Jared Stern, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg and directed by Akiva Schaffer. The main characters of the movie The Watch are played by Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, Richard Ayoade, Rosemarie DeWitt, Will Forte and Billy Crudup.

The Watch is about a group of men who forms a neighborhood watch club when one of their colleagues is brutally murdered. Then they find the existence of aliens on earth and learn about the aliens’ plan to invade earth.

A scene from the movie The Watch by oceans movie reviews
A scene from the movie The Watch

The Watch starts with showing the life of Evan, who is the senior manager of a local superstore of Glenview, Ohio. One of his colleagues get American citizenship one day and on that very night, gets brutally killed by some strange thing while he was on duty on that superstore.

Evan learns about the murder on the next day when he goes to the office. The police don’t seem much eager to solve the case of the murder. So, on the break of a local popular game, Evan asks the people from the neighborhood to join him in his club that will protect the neighborhood and find the murderer. People also don’t seem eager to his request.

So at the desired day, only three other men come to form the club. One of them was Bob, who is facing problem regarding the relation with his daughter. Then there is Franklin, who wanted to join the local police force and got rejected. The last one is Jamarcus who is recently divorced.

They name their club as The Neighborhood Watch. They make their jerseys, post the flyers with Evan’s number and start patrolling the neighborhood at night. They also have fun among themselves, which annoys Evan. At first, the local people and the police take them as a joke.

But people keep on getting murdered on the neighborhood. One night, while patrolling, Evan hits something with his car. The thing leaves some strange body parts and some green liquid. The Watch also finds a metal ball nearby, which has an extraordinary power to blow up things.
Evan and Bob share their personal life problems with each other. Evan is infertile, but cannot tell it to his wife. Bob urges him that he must admit it to his wife.

One night, following a call from a man who reports unusual noise around his house, The Watch finds an alien. They hit the alien and bring that into Bob’s house. The alien wakes up there and then escapes with the metal ball, but tells them that the aliens are now living among the humans. So The Watch starts to look for aliens disguised as humans.

They suspects Evan’s neighbor as an alien. At one night, they go to that neighbor’s house to investigate. There Bob learns that his daughter is going to a special party. To stop her, Bob leaves with Franklin. That neighbor catches Evan and Jamarcus and he invites them inside. After going there, they find that they are mistaken and then Evan leaves.

When Bob returns, Evan accuses Bob for his disobedience. Bob and Franklin then throw Evan out of The Watch for his autocracy. Evan returns home and admits his condition to wife. His wife accepts it and later helps The Watch. Then Jamarcus comes to Evan’s house.

Next, The Neighborhood Watch meets again in Bob’s house. Jamarcus tells them about the plan of the aliens, that is, the aliens are soon going to invade and destroy the earth. So the fate of mankind is now depending on the actions of The Neighborhood Watch.

My review about the movie The Watch:
First of all, I didn’t like The Watch.

The plot of The Watch was not bad, although it didn’t seem something extraordinary. The idea of comedy with mixture of sci-fi, horror and fantasy seemed innovative. The ending was predictable, but the identity of the alien disguised as human will surprise you. Other than that, there was no interesting twist in the plot. The direction seemed good.

The weakest point of The Watch was the poor screenplay. The screenplay has failed to make this movie interesting or funny at all. From the beginning of the movie, you will understand it as a comedy one (you can also predict it from the casting), but the comedy elements of The Watch were not good at all. The use of humor was not entertaining enough and I doubt that any scene of the whole movie will be able to make you laugh. Just a better humor could make this movie far better. The characters themselves and the interaction between them were good, but character developments of some of the major characters were poor. You may find nothing in The Watch, which may keep you attached to the film. At some parts, it may seem boring.

The casting of The Watch is very good and all the major characters have acted well. The dialogues were good, but they could be funnier. Most of the humor of this movie comes from dialogues, where most of them are adult humor. The make-ups and the costumes were good too, especially the make-ups of the aliens.

The special effects were used at a very minimal level. More use of special effect could make The Watch more interesting. The music, sound effects, lighting, camera works and the set design were also good.

The Watch had excessive use of adult humor, some nude scenes and some gore scenes, which makes it not appropriate for kids.

So, finally, I didn’t enjoy watching The Watch at all. Most likely, it will not be able to satisfy you when you look for comedy, science fiction or horror elements. By seeing a little better than average IMDB rating of 5.7 (while I’m writing this review) may make you think its overrated there. I will not recommend watching The Watch to any movie lover.

To know more about it:
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What do you think about The Watch? Don’t forget to share with us in the comments.

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Girl Fight Movie Review

Girl Fight

Girl Fight is dramatic TV movie based on a true story which is released on 2011. Don’t confuse it with the sports drama ‘Girlfight’, which is starred by Michelle Rodriguez and is released on 2000. Girl Fight is written by Benita Garvin and directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal. The major characters of this movie are played by Jodelle Ferland, Anne Heche, James Tupper, Tess Atkins, Keely Purvis, Genevieve Buechner, Taylor Hui, Caley Dimmock, Linda Darlow and Lanette Ware.

Girl Fight tells the story of a girl who gets beaten severely by some of her classmates and those girls post the video over Internet. Then the beaten girl’s parents seek justice for what has happened to their daughter. Although the plot is different, but Girl Fight is about what immature teens do, like we saw in the movie Betrayed at 17.

A Scene from the movie Girl Fight by ocean's movie rev iews
A Scene from the movie Girl Fight

Haley is a high school girl who finds a hard time making friends with her classmates. She is intelligent, but has only one friend on the whole school. She and her friend sometimes get bullied by other popular girls of the school. Haley is concerned for this and she speaks to her mom about it. Her mom supports her personality by saying that nothing is wrong with her.

By incidents, Haley starts to talk with a very popular girl of the school, named Alexa. Alexa has her own circle of friends who do everything together. Soon Haley becomes good friend with Alexa and gets in Alexa’s friend circle. They start to hang out together in and out of the school.

Haley changes after getting her new friends. She becomes rude to her parents and little sister and ignores her old best friend. After spending the whole day of her birthday with Alexa and her circle and keeping the family waiting, Haley’s father grounds her for a week. But Haley disobeys her father when Alexa calls her while crying. Haley goes to Alexa’s place and spends the night there.

Alexa’s other friends get jealous by the intimacy of Haley and Alexa. Some of them starts to hate Haley and one day they find some bad words that Haley wrote on her best friends wall on a social networking site (which she wrote before she was friends with Alexa). They show them to Alexa in Haley’s absence.

To take revenge on Haley, they all plan to beat her and to post the video on internet, which will get a very good number of clicks. According to the plan, when Haley comes to Alexa’s house, they beat her severely which makes her unconscious. Haley wakes up badly injured and bleeding and then they drop her at a parking lot, threatening her not to tell anyone about them. They record the whole thing in a cell phone

Haley’s parents find her in a hospital. There she tells them what has happened to her. Her parents file a police report. Haley’s mother visits Alexa’s guardian, her grandmother and tells about it. In front of them, Alexa and her two friends reject the claim. Later on, Alexa’s grandmother finds the video. Being a just person, she hands that video to Haley’s mother.

Haley’s mother gives the video to the police and after getting that evidence, the police arrests all the girls. Haley is yet to recover from the physical injury and the mental shock from the beating. As an evidence, the police gives the video the media. The reporters start to gather in front of Haley’s house and his father keeps them away.

Soon the girls get out of the prison on bail, which they get with the support of a TV reporter. That reporter was earlier turned down by Haley’s father so attend a morning show and to talk about their side of the incident. Inside the prison and after getting out, Alexa and her friends enjoy the recognition they have got from the video shown on TV news.

Haley’s parents want the girls to get maximum sentence for what they have done, but Haley stays confused. After seeing the video, Haley agrees to testify on the court. She also comes face to face with Alexa once. Haley still doesn’t want those girls to get a life sentence, which is what they are going to get after she testifies in the court.

My review of the movie Girl Fight:
First of all, I liked the movie Girl Fight.

The plot of this movie was good, realistic and educative. The plot of Girl Fight is made up by what immature teenagers do without considering the consequences, something like what we saw in the movie Betrayed at 17. It gives a message to the teenagers. The directions and screenplay was good, although they didn’t seem extraordinary. The cinematography was just average, good enough for a TV movie. But I think Girl Fight severely lacked some romantic touch.

The dialogues and acting of Girl Fight were just average. Although they didn’t look bad or irritating, but still they could be better. The acting of the side characters (Haley’s parents) were much better than the leading characters (Haley and Alexa). Same thing can be said for the dialogs also.  The role of the male characters and Haley’s best friend was very limited in Girl Fight. Also, at different times, the characters (specially Alexa’s friends) looked unusually immature.

The set design, the lighting and the camera works of Girl Fight were good. The costume design and the make ups were also good and realistic.

There was no nude or gore scene in Girl Fight, so you can easily watch this movie with kids.

So, finally, although Girl Fight seemed like just an average drama movie, but I still enjoyed watching it. But I think the better than average IMDB rating of 6.4 (while I’m writing this) is a little overrated for this film. Anyway, I’ll recommend watching Girl Fight to all drama movie fans. 

How did you like the movie Girl Fight? I’m eagerly waiting to know your views. Share with us in the comments.

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