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Girl Fight Movie Review

Girl Fight

Girl Fight is dramatic TV movie based on a true story which is released on 2011. Don’t confuse it with the sports drama ‘Girlfight’, which is starred by Michelle Rodriguez and is released on 2000. Girl Fight is written by Benita Garvin and directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal. The major characters of this movie are played by Jodelle Ferland, Anne Heche, James Tupper, Tess Atkins, Keely Purvis, Genevieve Buechner, Taylor Hui, Caley Dimmock, Linda Darlow and Lanette Ware.

Girl Fight tells the story of a girl who gets beaten severely by some of her classmates and those girls post the video over Internet. Then the beaten girl’s parents seek justice for what has happened to their daughter. Although the plot is different, but Girl Fight is about what immature teens do, like we saw in the movie Betrayed at 17.

A Scene from the movie Girl Fight by ocean's movie rev iews
A Scene from the movie Girl Fight

Haley is a high school girl who finds a hard time making friends with her classmates. She is intelligent, but has only one friend on the whole school. She and her friend sometimes get bullied by other popular girls of the school. Haley is concerned for this and she speaks to her mom about it. Her mom supports her personality by saying that nothing is wrong with her.

By incidents, Haley starts to talk with a very popular girl of the school, named Alexa. Alexa has her own circle of friends who do everything together. Soon Haley becomes good friend with Alexa and gets in Alexa’s friend circle. They start to hang out together in and out of the school.

Haley changes after getting her new friends. She becomes rude to her parents and little sister and ignores her old best friend. After spending the whole day of her birthday with Alexa and her circle and keeping the family waiting, Haley’s father grounds her for a week. But Haley disobeys her father when Alexa calls her while crying. Haley goes to Alexa’s place and spends the night there.

Alexa’s other friends get jealous by the intimacy of Haley and Alexa. Some of them starts to hate Haley and one day they find some bad words that Haley wrote on her best friends wall on a social networking site (which she wrote before she was friends with Alexa). They show them to Alexa in Haley’s absence.

To take revenge on Haley, they all plan to beat her and to post the video on internet, which will get a very good number of clicks. According to the plan, when Haley comes to Alexa’s house, they beat her severely which makes her unconscious. Haley wakes up badly injured and bleeding and then they drop her at a parking lot, threatening her not to tell anyone about them. They record the whole thing in a cell phone

Haley’s parents find her in a hospital. There she tells them what has happened to her. Her parents file a police report. Haley’s mother visits Alexa’s guardian, her grandmother and tells about it. In front of them, Alexa and her two friends reject the claim. Later on, Alexa’s grandmother finds the video. Being a just person, she hands that video to Haley’s mother.

Haley’s mother gives the video to the police and after getting that evidence, the police arrests all the girls. Haley is yet to recover from the physical injury and the mental shock from the beating. As an evidence, the police gives the video the media. The reporters start to gather in front of Haley’s house and his father keeps them away.

Soon the girls get out of the prison on bail, which they get with the support of a TV reporter. That reporter was earlier turned down by Haley’s father so attend a morning show and to talk about their side of the incident. Inside the prison and after getting out, Alexa and her friends enjoy the recognition they have got from the video shown on TV news.

Haley’s parents want the girls to get maximum sentence for what they have done, but Haley stays confused. After seeing the video, Haley agrees to testify on the court. She also comes face to face with Alexa once. Haley still doesn’t want those girls to get a life sentence, which is what they are going to get after she testifies in the court.

My review of the movie Girl Fight:
First of all, I liked the movie Girl Fight.

The plot of this movie was good, realistic and educative. The plot of Girl Fight is made up by what immature teenagers do without considering the consequences, something like what we saw in the movie Betrayed at 17. It gives a message to the teenagers. The directions and screenplay was good, although they didn’t seem extraordinary. The cinematography was just average, good enough for a TV movie. But I think Girl Fight severely lacked some romantic touch.

The dialogues and acting of Girl Fight were just average. Although they didn’t look bad or irritating, but still they could be better. The acting of the side characters (Haley’s parents) were much better than the leading characters (Haley and Alexa). Same thing can be said for the dialogs also.  The role of the male characters and Haley’s best friend was very limited in Girl Fight. Also, at different times, the characters (specially Alexa’s friends) looked unusually immature.

The set design, the lighting and the camera works of Girl Fight were good. The costume design and the make ups were also good and realistic.

There was no nude or gore scene in Girl Fight, so you can easily watch this movie with kids.

So, finally, although Girl Fight seemed like just an average drama movie, but I still enjoyed watching it. But I think the better than average IMDB rating of 6.4 (while I’m writing this) is a little overrated for this film. Anyway, I’ll recommend watching Girl Fight to all drama movie fans. 

How did you like the movie Girl Fight? I’m eagerly waiting to know your views. Share with us in the comments.

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After Fall, Winter Movie Review

After Fall, Winter

After Fall, Winter is romantic drama movie released in 2011. This movie is the sequel of the 1997 film Fall, which is made by the same filmmaker. After Fall, Winter is written and directed by Eric Schaeffer, same as its prequel, who also stars in the film as a leading actor. The other major characters of After Fall, Winter are played by Lizzie Brocheré, Manuel Bonnet, Anna Gaylor, Akéla Sari and Sylvie Loeillet.

After Fall, Winter tells the story of a fallen writer, who comes to France and falls in love with a young woman. Everything was going fine between them until he learns that his new manuscript has been rejected by every publisher and then he decides to torture himself by a dominatrix.

Eric Schaeffer and Lizzie Brocheré in movie After Fall, Winter by oceans movie reviews
Eric Schaeffer and Lizzie Brocheré in a scene of After Fall, Winter

After Fall, Winter starts with Sophie, who helps people to take their death a little easily. But secretly she earns her living as a dominatrix, who performs BDSM on men for money. She has a good number of clients.

Then we see Michael, who lives in USA and is a fallen writer. Although he has some of his fames left, but when some publishers reject his latest manuscript, he becomes frustrated. He also has a few thousand dollars debt. At this time, one of his friends from Paris invites him to come over, and Michael goes to Paris.

Soon after reaching Paris, he loses some money by the trap of a gypsy woman. Then he sees Sophie at a grocery store. He falls for her just then and tries to talk to Sophie. She gets irritated by him and so pretends that she does not know English.

Next time, they meet again while renting a bicycle. Although Michael offers her a lift, but finally she carries him in the front basket of the bicycle. Sophie doesn’t give him her phone number when he asks. Next time they meet again at a yoga class. Michael keeps on being persistent. After the second class, Michael gets success and has a conversation with Sophie at a coffee shop.

After that, they become close and start to spend their times together. Michael tries to understand what is happening around there from Sophie. Before long, they grow a sexual relation between them. Both of them have little ups and downs in their relations, but the chemistry between them works pretty well. But when Michael asks Sophie about her career, she hides that she is a dominatrix. Michael also has a thing for BDSM, so he takes that service from another dominatrix, about which Sophie doesn’t know.

All these times, Sophie is trying to help a girl who is going to die soon by Leukemia. At first, that girl gets irritated by Sophie’s presence, but then she starts to like Sophie. Sophie takes Michael to that girl and that girl also likes him. Sophie also takes Michael to her mother’s house in Christmas.

After returning from Sophie’s mother’s house, Michael calls his agent and learns that every publisher has rejected his manuscript. He becomes deeply depressed. To torture himself, he calls his dominatrix for her service. But she says that she is not working as it is Christmas and she refers another dominatrix to serve Michael.

Now we all can guess who that another dominatrix is, yes, its Sophie. But before entering the room, she sees Michael, and then she comes there wearing a mask. So Michael doesn’t recognize her.
After their session, the two lovers meet at a bridge. There Sophie says she doesn’t want to carry on the relation with Michael anymore. Michael lies to her about his BDSM session and Sophie also lies to him for making him hate her.

After she leaves, Michael becomes more frustrated and visits another dominatrix who can kill him. Sophie goes to that patient girl. By that girls words and by finding a letter from Michael, Sophie gets her feeling right about him and after calling her friend (who referred her to Michael), learns where Michael is headed. She then runs there to stop him from his suicide.

My review about the movie After Fall, Winter:
I liked the movie After Fall, Winter, but mostly at its end.

The plot of After Fall, Winter was good, specially the ending was nothing I could guess. But the problem was, most of the other parts of this movie were boring. It is a long movie (for about 2 hours and 11 minutes) and most of the times were spent by showing Michael and Sophie talking. There were some subplots (about the gypsy woman and about the dying girl) but they were not enough to make After Fall, Winter interesting. Throughout the movie, there was not much element to keep me interested. This long movie could become much better if the same story was shown in about one and a half hour, subtracting all the unnecessary scenes and dialogues from it.

The direction of After Fall, Winter was very good, but I think the problem was with the screenplay, showing all these boring scenes. The only interesting part of the After Fall, Winter started from about 20 minutes from the end. But do not underestimate it. The ending is good enough to make your heart racing fast, which is not very common specially in a romantic drama movie.  The tragic ending will surely make you sad.

The acting of Eric Schaeffer and Lizzie Brocheré in After Fall, Winter were very good. Both of them matched perfectly with the characters they were playing. Beautiful Lizzie Brocheré looked stunning in After Fall, Winter. The dialogues were okay, but sometimes seemed boring. The make ups, set design and the costume design, the location, the lighting and the camera effects were also very good in this movie. The music and the soundtrack at the end were also beautiful.

For several male and female nudity, don’t watch After Fall, Winter with kids.

So, finally, although I was bored while watching After Fall, Winter, but I liked this movie for is unusual ending. For anyone who is not a big fan of romantic dramas, it may be a little tough to keep watching the first one and a half hours of this film, but if you can endure that, I can guarantee that the ending will make it worthy. So I’ll recommend watching After Fall, Winter to all romantic movie lovers. At least, its worth giving a shot.

How did you like After Fall, Winter? We are waiting for your comments!

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Robocop Movie Review


Robocop is a science fiction action movie released in 2014. This movie is the remake of the classic sci-fi movie of the same name from 1987 and a reboot of that Robocop series.  The screenplay of the new Robocop is written by Joshua Zetumer and the movie is directed by José Padilha. The major characters of this film are played by Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman,  Michael Keaton, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish, Jackie Earle Haley, and Michael K. Williams.

Robocop tells the story of 2028, where a badly wounded police officer is given robotic body parts to keep him alive, which makes him half man and half robot and turns him into a super cop.

robocop movie scene by oceans movie reviews
A scene from the movie Robocop

Omnicorp is very determined to make the use of drones and automatic robots popular for inland use for public security, which is now already deployed in foreign country. They also have a spokesperson who lectures about its benefits on the TV, but the use of this kind of equipments are prohibited by Dreyfus Act. So they are looking for a perfect candidate, who will have some damaged body parts replaced by machines, which will make a positive impression among people about machines for security.

In the meantime, detective Alex Murphy and his partner are following a lead to catch a powerful crime boss. They are on disguise, but some corrupt police officer alerts the crime boss. It starts a gun fight, by which, Alex’s partner becomes badly injured. Alex becomes more determined to catch that boss, which makes him a target for them.

Alex is living a happy life with his wife and son, and one day, the crime boss’s men set a bomb in Alex’s car. The bomb goes off and Alex becomes very critically injured.

Alex seems like the perfect candidate of Omnicorp, so their lead scientist Norton convinces Alex’s wife to replace Alex’s damaged organs with robotic parts to save his life. She gives permission and Alex becomes the Robocop.

After waking up, Alex cannot accept his new body, but soon, after hearing everything, Alex accepts it. He is given arms and training by Omnicorp’s military technician and Norton. He also visits his family after he gets a little comfortable with his new body.

The military technician doubts Alex’s ability to fight compared with the other full robots. In a simulation, he is proved right. Norton then makes so modifications in Alex’s brain, for which, when he fights, the computer takes over Alex’s decisions and makes him a faster, better soldier. A real fighting test is again conducted by Omnicorp between Alex and the technician’s robot team, where Alex proves that he is more efficient than both of men and machines.

Before an event, where Alex is brought in front of public for the first time as Robocop, Alex starts to have emotional problems. To solve it, Norton lowers Alex’s dopamine levels, which makes him almost emotionless. Alex performs his duties perfectly there, but ignores his family.

As Alex joins the police force again, he becomes the super cop and successfully brings the crime rate to a very low level. But he keeps ignoring his family.

At one time, his wife faces him and tells him the condition of his son. At first, Alex becomes confused, but soon his mind takes over the decision making computer parts and leaving everything behind, he starts to solve his own case, where he was attacked.

He attacks the headquarter of that crime boss and kills him. He then kills the corrupt police officer. When Alex was about to attach the police chief for her corruption, he is turned off by Omnicorp.

The Omnicorp CEO uses Alex’s success to show his company’s credibility and a repeal agaist the Dreyfus law rises. Meanwhile, Alex’s wife tells the press openly that she wants to see her husband. Feeling that Alex’s presence is no more important, the Omnicorp CEO decides to turn Alex off. But before that, Norton reaches to Alex, wakes him and tells him everything. After knowing the facts, Alex feels betrayed and heads for the CEO of Omnicorp.

My reviews about the movie Robocop:
I saw the old Robocop movies long time ago and I don’t remember them well. But I was a big fan of the Robocop TV series. Comparing with them, I didn’t like the new Robocop movie much. But considering other things, this one is still a good movie.

The plot of Robocop was good, but it seemed too congested to me. A lot of stuffs were clustered in one movie, where none of the robot versus human conflict, the crime fighting or the fight against the Omnicorm became very prominent. I think the direction was good, but the screenplay was far from what it could be. The director could focus on any of them and could make that prominent to make this movie better.

I think in this movie, the Robocop lacked the personality what he had in the 1987. Seeing the computer-decision-making part taking over while Robocop fights was not a thing I liked. This movie also had a good number of villains. But one of the major villains, the mob boss, was killed in just a few minutes fight. The other villain, the technician of Omnicorp was also not very major. But the thing I hated most in the movie was seeing the Robocop without his robotic body. I don’t know why the director had to show that several times.

When I first saw the trailer, I didn’t like the black suit of Robocop, specially comparing with the old silver colored suit. But in the movie, the suits looked modern, high tech and pretty cool, suited better in this time. It looked even better with his motorbike. This Robocop is also more technologically advanced than the old one. The old Robocop had some pointy thing coming out of his hand, which he used to communicate, to hack computer and to charge his batteries. But in this movie, how he is getting power is not shown.

The acting of all the major characters in Robocop were good. Same goes for the dialogues, make ups and costumes. The special effects were also very good. But I think a more important role played by Samuel L. Jackson could make this movie better.  

There was no nude or gore scene in Robocop, so you can safely watch it with kids.

So, finally, I think Robocop is a good movie. The old Robocop fans may or may not get disappointed by watching this one, but everyone else should like it. But as a fan of the old ones, I think, even if not worse, the new Robocop remake does not give any improvement over the old one either. But I will still recommend watching the Robocop to everyone, as it seemed like a good movie. And this movie ends with a lot of potential kept for the sequel, so I’m eagerly waiting for that.

How do you like the Robocop? Do you agree with my points, or disagree? Share in the comments.
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