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Friday, November 13, 2015

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort Movie Review

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort is a horror thriller movie released in 2014. This movie is written by Frank H. Woodward and directed by Valeri Milev. The major characters of Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort are played by Anthony Ilott, Chris Jarvis, Aqueela Zoll, Sadie Katz, Rollo Skinner, Billy Ashworth, Roxanne Pallett, Radoslav Parvanov, Danko Jordanov, and Asen Asenov.

As the name suggests, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort is the sixth installment of the famous Wrong Turn series. It is the sequel of the Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, although the plots of these two movies do not connect anywhere except for the 3 killers. In Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort, we see a group of friends fall victim to those killers' families when they come to help one of their friends to inherit his family properties. 

A scene from the movie Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort  by oceans movie reviews
A scene from the movie Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort


At the beginning of Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort, we see a couple making love in a jungle. Later on, both of them get killed by those three disfigured psychopath serial killers.

Next we move on the main story. We get introduced to a group of friend. One of them is Danni, who has recently learned that he inherits a resort inside a jungle. So he is taking his girlfriend Toni and some other friends to visit that place. Meanwhile in the resort, we see a brother and a sister working as the manager. Those siblings seem to have some kind of incest relation between them.

Upon reaching the resort, none of the friends, except Danni gets excited. The siblings also get disappointed, as they expected only Danni to visit them. But Danni's friends, especially his girlfriend, are supportive enough to understand his emotions and decides to stay there for a few days. But soon after they arrive, a old lady gets killed in the resort with the help of the brother.

The friends try to adjust with the environment. They find the antique furniture and the big swimming pool exciting. In the meantime, we see the brother is planning for something big with the 3 disfigured killers and orders them to wait. At the same time, two of the friends meet the local sheriff who is looking for the old lady who was killed in the resort. The others passes their times by partying and hovering over the history and the antiques of the resort.

The brother convinces Danni to go to hunting. While Danni kills a wild deer, one killer kills the local sheriff. One of the friends see the killer eating the raw dead deer. We gets scared and runs away and end up injuring Danni and himself in birbwire. After returning to the resort, the sister attends Danni. At one point, she tries to seduce him, but his girlfriend comes and later on, Danni and his girlfriend  have sex.

Next morning, the friends hold a meeting where most of them want to leave the place. But Danni pressures everyone to stay. Then two friends (a couple) plans to steal some old artifacts and leave. They then find a secret room where the sex rituals were held. They start to have sex there but the three killers attack them. They kill the girl there. The boy gets killed later by the sister who first tries to have sex with him.

Danni and his girlfriend have an argument, as the girlfriend wants to leave. She also finds the behavior of the sister with Danny suspicious. At that night, the siblings take Danni to a nearby village where all of the inhabitants are Danni's relatives and all of them are disfigured. The 3 killers are also the residents of this village. One of the friends follow Danni there who gets caught and then killed by the villagers.

They give Danni some drugs. By getting intoxicated by that drug, Danni sees the sister as her girlfriend and finally has sex with her in front of the villagers, which was their main target. The next morning, he returns to the resort where all others are set to leave. Then the friends find the horrific truth behind the resort. The killers attack them, accompanied by the siblings.

Sadie Katz and Chris Jarvis in Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort by oceans movie reviews
Sadie Katz and Chris Jarvis in Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Can they escape from there? What happens to the masterplan of the killers and the siblings? Lets watch Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort to know the answers.

My review about the movie Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort:
First of all, I didn't like the movie Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort.

The plot of Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort was not bad. It brought the family legacies and a broader perspective than the other movies of this franchise, which only features killing for no reasons. From that way, its an improvement. But the poor direction and screenplay have ruined it. The same plot could be shown in better way.  Some of the scenes (like trying to seduce an almost dead guy) looked totally unrealistic, even for a horror film. Several times, the sequences didn't match. And as a horror movie, it may fail toally to scare you.

The acting adds another negative point for Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort. Acting of most of the characters were bad. Specially the bad acting of Anthony Ilott as Danni and Sadie Katz as the sister harmed the viewing experience. Among all, the acting of Aqueela Zoll as Danni's girlfriend seemed natural. The other characters didn't seem realistic. The dialogues were okay. The costume designs were good.

The locations used for  Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort looked beautiful, specially the resort. The set design was also good. The lighting, sound effects and the camera works were also okay. Same can be said for the music and sound effects. The special effects were also good, but at some times, the make ups will look unrealistic.

Just like all other films of this series, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort has several nude scenes and gore scenes. So whoever has a idea of this franchise, knows that this movie is not for children.

So overall, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort may fail to please you, even you are horror movie fan. People who do not like horror movie may find this one disturbing. With a broader plot like this than the previous films, this movie had the potential to become far better than them, but it failed. I didn't enjoy watching is, so I will not recommend to watch Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort to others.

But what do you think of it? Don't forget to share with us in the comments.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Thale Movie Review



Thale is a Norwegian supernatural mystery horror movie released in 2012. This movie is written and directed by Aleksander L. Nordaas. The major (and almost all) characters of the movie Thale are played by Silje Reinåmo, Erlend Nervold, Jon Sigve Skard, Morten Andresen and Sunniva Lien. This movie is based on a Scandinavian folklore character named Hulder.

In the movie Thale, we see two friends and colleagues find a mysterious girl in the basement of a house. The mystery keeps on unfolding as they keep on finding strange incidents about her past.

A Scene from the movie Thale by Ocean's Movie Reviews
A Scene from the movie Thale

In Thale, at first we get introduced to to two friends cum colleagues named Leo and Elvis, whose job is to clean up crime scenes. Elvis is weak-hearted, he gets sick of the crime scenes. But Leo can keep his head cool while cleaning up.

One day they are doing their job of cleaning up in a house in the forest. After working for a while, they find a hidden passage in that house. The passage leads them to a secret chamber which again leads to a room. Elvis is very curious and he follow the secret path, while Leo reminds him several times that they are not allowed to touch anything, they only clean up.

In that secret room, they find canned foods, scientific books, drawings and a cassette player with some cassettes. It is evident that some scientific experiments were done in this room. The condition of the room also suggests that no one has been here for a very long time. Leo informs their other colleagues about the room and they are on the way here.

But before they leave the room, a naked girl emerges from a bathtub which is filled with some white liquid. The girl has some mask and cables attached to her which provides her life supplies. As soon a she wakes up, she removes them. The girl faints then and Elvis takes her out of the bathtub and places her on a table. Leo goes out and when he comes back, finds the girl strangling Elvis. Leo talks the girl to release Elvis and then gives her some clothes.

The girl starts eating canned foods which are already rotten. Leo goes out again to bring some food for the girl. Meanwhile, Elvis plays those cassettes and the girl reacts strangely hearing the voices from the record. Elvis then finds a nicely decorated room hidden inside that room. He follows the girl there. The girl has some special ability with which, she gives Elvis some vision of her past. Now all these time, some strange creatures seem to closing in that cabin.

When Leo comes back, they find a tail preserved in a refrigerator. Now three of them are sitting in the room waiting for other people to come. Then Leo tells Elvis that he has lung cancer. Earlier, the girls also seemed to notice something strange in Elvis's chest.

Suddenly, they hear footsteps nearing in, circling the cabin. The girl gets frightened so they lock the door. Someone tries to enter there by force but Leo and Elvis stop the intruder. Next a gas is released in the room through the keyhole which makes Elvis and Leo unconscious.

Then we see more of what happened to that girl. Elvis and Leo wakes up outside the cabin, blindfolded and tied to a chair. An old man tells them more about the girl. Some soldiers with weapons are inside that room looking for the girl. After telling the story, the old man proceeds to kill Leo.
Can Leo or Elvis be saved? Does to soldiers find the girl? What in their fate? Lets watch Thale to know these answers.

My review about the movie Thale:
First of all, Thale seemed as a average movie with an interesting plot, which has both of some strong and weak sides.

The plot of the movie Thale was good and seemed unique. It is not just an average mystery horror movie you watch regularly. But the problem with the plot is, it goes a little slow. The lack of contents can also contribute to make you feel bored. More contents, storyline, special effects, dialogues and actions could make this movie far better. But even with these drawbacks, Thale felt enough entertaining. The direction and screenplay were also good.

The acting of all the major characters were good in Thale. This movie has a very limited set of characters but the director chose them well. The dialogues were also good. But the whole movie is in Norwegian language, so unless you know that, you will need English subtitles with Thale. The make ups and the costume designs also blended nicely with the movie.

The music and the sound effects were also okay and matched nicely with the theme of Thale. The set design, lighting and camera effects will also seem well balanced. This movie is a low budget film, where most of the film was shot in the director's father's basement. But considering this, the director has done a good job. The camera works on only some shots may make you feel the lack of budget in the movie Thale. The strange creatures looked terrifying but natural, which we don't always see even in some high budget films.

The movie Thale contains some nudity, so it is not appropriate to watch this movie with kids.

So overall, Thale seemed a nice movie with some small drawbacks. I enjoyed watching this film. If you want to watch it to get frightened, you will get disappointed. But if you like mystery movies with folklore characters, I guess you will enjoy Thale. So I'll recommend watching the movie Thale to all mystery or foreign movie lovers.

Have you watched Thale? How did you like it? Don't forget to share your comments and ratings below. 

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

No Mercy Movie Review

No Mercy (Korean: Yongseoneun Eupda)

No Mercy (Yongseoneun Eupda) is a Korean revange thriller drama movie released in 2010. This movie is written by Hyeong-Joon Kim and Jeong-ho Lee and directed by Hyeong-Joon Kim. The major characters of the movie No Mercy are played by Frank M. Ahearn, Hye-jin Han, Sang-wook Park, Nam Kyung-eub and Ji-ru Sung.

No Mercy tells the story of a professor and medical examiner (coroner) who investigates a case about a girl's death. Just when the police think they have found the killer, the story turns around and the past of the coroner comes into play. The coroner tries everything to prove the killer innocent.

Kyung-gu Sol and Hye-jin Han in a scene of No Mercy by oceans movie reviews

Kyung-gu Sol and Hye-jin Han in a scene of No Mercy

The movie No Mercy starts with a photographer finding a dead body by a river. The police come to the scene and find the dismembered body of a girl. Then we get introduced to professor Kang Min-ho who is a very experienced coroner. He was planning to retire and spend his times with his daughter, who is coming back from U.S.A. after finishing her studies. The police request his help in solving this case and he agrees. One of the investigators, Min Seo-young was a former student of him.

At first, the police suspect the dead girl's boyfriend for the murder. They arrest him, but can't find him guilty. Kang runs an autopsy of the dead body. They find the whole body of the victim except one hand . The whole police force look for the missing hand and soon they find it. Detective Min finds some relation with the type of murder and the writing of an environmentalist. Although a colleague of her mocks her abilities, but using the clues and a footprint, they arrest that environmentalist named Lee Seong-ho. They arrest Lee and surprisingly, at the very first questioning, Lee confesses his guilt.

Meanwhile, while Kang is waiting for her daughter's arrival at the airport, he receives an envelop. The envelop has some photos of her daughter, which show she has been kidnapped and held somewhere. He rushes to the police station and face Seong-ho. Seong-ho tells Kang that Kang has to get him out within 3 days and only then they will spare Kang's daughter.

Now, to show Seong-ho as innocent, Kang tempers with the murder weapon. He removes the trace of blood from that and put his dog's blood. He also mislead Min to show Seong-ho as innocent. Next day, Kang meets Seong-ho again and asks him about the real murder weapon, so he can hide it from the police. But Seong-ho doesn't disclose that. He gives Kang some clues about his motives. Kang then beats Seong-ho. He goes to Seong-ho's house to find the weapon and the police also reach there for the same reason. He hides from the police. Later on, from the local police, he gets the address of the man who gave him his daughter's photos.

He goes there and finds some news cuttings. The man also comes there and tries to run away. Finally he beats Kang severely. Later on, he comes back to the police station and faces Seong-ho, who gives him more riddles. Meanwhile, all these raise suspicion in Min's mind and when she proceeds to arrest Kang, Kang tells her the truth.

Then Min tries to find the relation between Kang and Seong-ho and finds one. At the same time, Kang manages to implant some clues which connects the murder of the girl to that girl's boyfriend. But before Min finds the truth, Seong-ho's accomplice hits her and she becomes unconscious. Min wakes up in a hospital and then from a friend, learns the story for which Seong-ho holds a grudge against Kang.

In the meantime, as Seong-ho is proved innocent by the attempts of Kang. He also gives police the murder weapon, which has been in front of their eyes for the whole time. Seong-ho gets free and the victim's boyfriend is framed for the murder. Kang goes to Seong-ho's home to free his daughter. After knowing everything, Min also heads there, followed by her backups.

But why does Seong-ho want to take the revange on Kang? Who is the real bad person here? Can Kang finally save his daughter? Lets watch No Mercy till the end for these answers.

My Review About the Movie No Mercy:
First of all, No Mercy seemed as an awesome drama thriller.

The plot of No Mercy is brilliant. Although at the end of the movie, it will not leave you with a good feeling, but still the plot will seem brilliant. The twist at the end was not expected throughout the whole movie. The whole movie keeps on changing directions and it felt exciting. The duration of No Mercy is a little over two hours, but you will no feel bored at any moment. The direction is good, so is the screenplay. The director has successfully been able to keep the tension high for the whole two hours in No Mercy. The cinematography were just ok, nothing special.

The acting of all the major characters were good. All of the actors and actresses were good fit for their characters. The dialogues were also good, although nothing extraordinary. But the whole No Mercy is in Korean language, so you will need subtitle to understand them.

No Mercy didn't have much of special effects, as they were not needed. But the costume design and make ups were perfect. The music and the sound effects were pretty good too. The lighting,camera effects and the locations for No Mercy also seem nice.

No Mercy contains some nude scenes and also some gore scenes. Some (but not all) of the gore scenes will seem unnecessary and avoidable. The director could avoid them without harming the plot. So clearly, this movie is not for children.

So, finally, I enjoyed watching No Mercy. The thrill in its plot picks up soon after the movie starts and it will keep you attached for the whole time. The only time this movie may disappoint you can be at the tragic ending. Other than that, it is a nicely balanced movie. I'll recommend watching No Mercy as a must see to all thriller lovers. But if you are a fan of Hollywood movies, I'll also recommend you to watch this, for having a good change of taste.

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Have you watched this movie? What are your opinions? Don't forget to share them in the comments.

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