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Fertile Ground Movie Review

Fertile Ground 

Fertile Ground is a horror thriller movie released in 2011. This movie is written by Jace Anderson and Adam Gierasch and directed by Adam Gierasch. The main characters of the the movie Fertile Ground are played by Leisha Hailey, Gale Harold, Jami Bassman, Stephanie Brown, Chelcie Ross, and JoNell Kennedy. 

Fertile Ground tells the story of a couple, where the wife experiences paranormal visions after she gets pregnant. Then she finds that some ghosts are trying to kill the baby and her by possessing her husband.

A Scene from the movie Fertile Ground by oceans movie reviews
A Scene from the movie Fertile Ground

At the beginning of Fertile Ground, we see the family of Emily and Nate, a happily married couple. Nate is an artist and Emily is a fashion designer. Emily has got pregnant recently and they are having a party with friends at their home. Suddenly Emily starts bleeding in the bathroom. Later on, she has a miscarriage and the doctors tell her that she cannot conceive a child again.

Next, to give a fresh start to themselves, Emily and Kate leaves the city. They buy a house in the country, which was once owned by Nate's ancestors. Both of them are happy to move there, but from the first day, Emily starts sensing something unusual. At the basement, they find an old trunk, where they find a diary, some photos and some other things owned by Nate's forefather. That person's marriage date was same as Nate and Emily's.

Soon they discover a human skeleton hidden in their sewerage line. The police tells them not to worry, because it was very old. But Emily stays suspicious and from a local historian, she learns the horrid history of the house. There has been a lot of murders and suspicious deaths in their house previously. As Nate leaves for a business trip, Emily stays alone at that night and again faces unusual experiences. At one point, she faints.

Later, the couple learns that Emily has got pregnant again. But Nate keeps on staying busy at his studios with his arts for the nearby exhibition and ignores Emily. He also becomes more rude to her day by day. At a party in their house, Nate's agent falls from the upstairs through the window and later on, dies.

Things get worse day by day. Emily keeps on having her paranormal visions and Nate keeps on getting more and more rude to her. Emily tries to leave the house but can't. At one point, she finds that the date of their wedding, moving in to the house, getting the news of being pregnant are identical to the dates of the same events of Nate's ancestor's. She finds the links between the deaths in the house and in all of the cases, the husbands have killed their wives.

Emily believes, the house has possessed Nate and marching the dates, she predicts the day when Nate is going to kill her. But is it what the ghosts want? Can Emily save the baby and herself? Let's watch the movie to get these answers. 

My review about the movie Fertile Ground:

First of all, Fertile Ground seemed just like an average horror movie.

The plot of Fertile Ground is very common. We have seen a lot of horror movies with the haunted houses, like The Amityville Haunting, so the idea seemed overused. So this movie won't provide you something new. Other than that, everything else is good. Even with a plot like this, Fertile Ground has its moments. The movie goes scary from time to time and keeps the suspense up. The ending may not be predictable for everyone. The direction and screenplay were not bad, like the cinematography. Several times this movie felt a little boring, but those boring moments sometimes helped to build the suspension up later on.

Another problem with the plot of Fertile Ground is, although it does give an open ending like Asylum Blackout , but still it does not give explanations to everything that happened. So, you may have some questions unanswered after the movie ends, which may feel like plot holes. For example, we saw Nate drawing something but refuses to show them to Emily. But at the end, we saw only blank canvases. The ending had a good chance to explain all the things, but it didn't.

The acting of the leading characters are good in this movie. Same goes for make ups, dialogues, costumes and set designs. Fertile Ground has used almost no special effects, but the way it is made, you will not miss them. The lighting and sound effects are also good, but I think the sound editing could be better. Several times the music seemed too loud. Combining all these, Fertile Ground succeeds in its main aim as a horror movie, to create a scary environment.

For some nude scenes and some violent scenes, Fertile Ground is not appropriate for children.

So, finally, this movie seemed as a missed opportunity. Fertile Ground had the potentials, but for not taking advantages of them, it stays far from the movie it could be. But still, if you like scary movies, you should definitely give Fertile Ground a try. Even if the plot fails to impress you, you may still like the scary moments. 

Ending explanation of the movie Fertile Ground:

Note: This part contains spoiler, so the ending explanation of Fertile Ground is written in white font. To read it, select and drag the space below with your mouse pointer.

At the end, it shows in the ultrasonography that Emily was not pregnant. So it suggest that, everything she experienced was in her mind. May be there was nothing wrong with the house, the histories and Nate's behavior, but Emily got paranoid and then killed her friend and Nate. Another possible explanation is, the history of the house was real. Learning them has put a psychological pressure on Emily. And as she had a sad history with her pregnancy, she made up stuffs herself, including the pregnancy. But non of them doesn't give a clear explanation about Nate's behavior. We don't know that if he was really becoming rude or if that was also the imagination of Emily.

The fact that Emily was mentally unsound is finally shown by the ending scene of Fertile Ground when she ended up in a padded cell and was holding an imaginary child in her hands. 

So how did you like Fertile Ground? Don't forget to share your comments and ratings.

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Edge of Tomorrow Movie Review

Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow is a science fiction action thriller movie released in June, 2014. This movie is written by Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth and directed by Doug Liman. The screenplay of this movie is adopted from the Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. The major characters of Edge of Tomorrow are played by Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton and Brendan Gleeson. Edge of Tomorrow is Tom Cruise's next movie after Oblivion, which was also a science fiction.

Edge of Tomorrow tells the story of future, when the planet Earth is attacked by some aliens. An untrained army officer is put in the front line of the war against those aliens, who finds himself stuck in a time loop where the time goes back and starts from the previous day every time he is killed. This special gift is the last hope for human to defeat the aliens.

tom cruise and emily blunt at edge of tomorrow by oceans movie reviews
Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt at a scene of Edge of Tomorrow

At the beginning of Edge of Tomorrow, we see that some aliens have invaded the earth and human are fighting them in Europe. Major Cage is an U.S. Army's public relation officer who has no training or experience of combat. He is called by an army general in Europe and ordered to to cover a fight from the front line.

Understanding the danger of this job, Cage refuses to take the order. When he is pressured, he threatens the general indirectly. As a result, Cage gets arrested and then knocked down. He wakes up at the Heathrow airport, where the human troops are assembled to make the attack on aliens tomorrow. In the meantime, Cage is plotted as a deserter private and is forced to join a group who will fight the aliens with the help of some robotic attachments.

In the battlefield, Cage finds that the aliens were informed about their attack and the people keeps being slaughtered. The aliens has tricked the humans to use their final force and the humans are surely going to lose the war. After killing a special alien, Cage also gets killed. Then the strange thing happens, Cage find himself waking up again at the Heathrow airport. Then the same thing keeps happening again and again, he getting killed in the battlefield and waking up again at the same place. He tries to tell others about it, but nobody believes.

One time at the battle, Cage finds a war hero named Rita. She tells him to find her when he wakes up again. Cage does so and tells her about it. Rita believes her because the same thing has happened to her also but she has lost it. With the help of a friend, they find that Cage's ability has made him the key to locate the alien brain and to kill them. So she train Cage to survive at the battlefield and after a huge number of trials, finally Kate and Cage heads to find the alien's brain. But no matter what they do, they both cannot reach there. Cage reaches there alone and finds that the aliens are misleading them.

So they now must change their approach. They try to retrieve a machine from that army general. But they get caught before they return. With the machine, they locate the alien brain in Paris. But due to blood loss and insertion, Cage loses his power to turn back time. So Cage and Kate have only one chance left to kill the aliens before the aliens wipe out human race from earth on the battle next day.

My reviews about the movie Edge of Tomorrow:
First of all, Edge of Tomorrow seemed as a thrilling and fantastic movie.

The plot of Edge of Tomorrow is intriguing and innovative. It is good enough to keep you thrilled and attached to the movie from the beginning to the end. The plot regularly keep on changing the direction, so whenever you will feel that you have figured out what is going to happen next, the plot will take a turn somewhere else. But its true that sometimes seeing the same thing over and over again for the time loop may feel boring, but that feeling should not last for more than a few minutes. The ending of Edge of Tomorrow is also pretty predictable. We expected a better ending. The cinematography of this movie will seem like a pure beauty, like the movie Oblivion.

The direction of Edge of Tomorrow was fantastic, but the screenplay didn't seem completely flawless. We'll get back to that in a short while.

The casting of this movie was also brilliant. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt seemed as the best fits for their characters and both of them has acted awesomely well in Edge of Tomorrow. No wonder Tom Cruise is one of the kings of science fictions for all the beautiful movies he has given us. The acting of the other characters were also good. Same goes for the dialogues.

The music, sound effects and the special effects will also seem brilliant in Edge of Tomorrow. The aliens looked stunning and the special effects of their fighting seemed beautiful. I wish this movie had more screen time with them. The locations, set designs, lighting, costumes and the make-ups were also perfect.

Several times in Edge of Tomorrow, it may seem like it has some plottholes or discontinuity, but most of them will be solved soon. But one of the missing parts is, after taking something from the joint force army general and then having an accident, how Kate escaped unharmed and could free Cage so easily. Same confusion stays if you think, after escaping once and then attending some crime, how they could again enter the army base to reach to their team. And the ending was dramatically too good for a movie like this, where everything fitted perfectly. So the only (a little) weak part of Edge of Tomorrow was its screenplay.

Edge of Tomorrow has no nude scenes and the gore scenes are avoided nicely, so its safe to watch this movie with kids.

So, finally, I greatly enjoyed watching Edge of Tomorrow. Even with the small flaws at the plot, it should feel like a great piece of work. I will definitely recommend this movie to all movie lovers, especially the science fiction fans. Edge of Tomorrow is a must see for you.

How did you like it? Do you agree with my points? Share your views in the comments. And don't forget to leave your ratings.

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Rio 2 Movie Review

Rio 2

Rio 2 is an animated adventure comedy movie released in 2014. As the name suggests, it is the sequel of the popular animated movie Rio. This movie is written by Don Rhymer, Carlos Kotkin, Jenny Bicks, Yoni Brenner and Carlos Saldanha and directed by Carlos Saldanha. The voices of the major characters of the movie Rio 2 are given by Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Leslie Mann, Rodrigo Santoro, Bruno Mars, Jemaine Clement, George Lopez,, Jamie Foxx, Andy GarcĂ­a and Kristin Chenoweth.

In Rio 2, Blu and Jewel heads for the Amazon to find more birds of their own species. At the same time, Linda and Tulio's lives fall in danger when they try to save those birds from illegal loggers. 

A scene from the movie Rio 2 by oceans movie reviews
A scene from the movie Rio 2

At the beginning of the movie Rio 2, we see Blu and Jewel are living a happy life in Rio de Janeiro with their three children and the friends. Jewel doesn't like the human culture in Blu and the children, but somehow they are getting along.

On an expedition of Tulio and Linda in Amazon rainforest, they find the existence of more birds of Blu's species, which they previously believed, has become extinct. They announce this news on T.V. and decides to continue their journey to find the home of these birds. This announcement instantly make them enemy of an illegal logger group's boss.

The announcement also makes Jewel excited and she pressures Blu to go to Amazon to find their real place on earth. So, Blu's family leaves their home to Amazon to find those birds. Blu takes his travel kits with him, which includes a GPS and other necessary human things. Two of Blu's friends also joins the family in their journey.

Nigel, a villain from the prequel, sees Blu leaving and follows him silently to take his revenge on Blu for the accident which makes him unable to fly anymore. An anteater and a poisonous frog joins him. The poisonous frog is in love with Nigel. Their first attempt to kill Blu fails and finally, Blu's family and Nigel's group reach the Amazon rainforest.

After some searching, Blu and his family finds the home of those birds. There Jewel finds her long lost family. Now Jewel has her father, sister and her childhood friends. Everyone adjusts there very well, everyone except Blu. Jewel's family is against everything related to humans but Blu is very much used to living in the human way.So Blu finds a very hard time adjusting there. Jewel tries to support him and tells him that they are never going to leave this place.

Since childhood, Blu is living with the humans, so he doesn't know how to survive in the jungle. One of his mistakes causes them a fight with their enemy bird group. For Blu's another mistake, those enemy birds win, for which, Jewel's family loses the hold of food of that area. This makes everyone (including Jewel) very disappointed on Ble and Blu becomes deeply depressed.

With his GPS, Blu finds Linda and Tulio, who have already got attacked by the loggers and the logger's have left them to die. Blu learns about the logger's plan to destroy that part of the forest, which also includes Jewel's family's home.

Blu warns the other birds about it. He tries to convince all the birds to fight for their land. By growing up with humans, he know the human techniques and machines and he is confident that he can stop the loggers with the help of the other birds. At the same time, Nigel and his friends plans to launch their final attack to kill Blu.

Can Blu save their home? Do the other birds trust him after all these? Can he get away from Nigel's attack? Lets watch Rio 2 to know the answers.

My review about the movie Rio 2:
First of all, I didn't like Rio 2 much.

The plot of Rio 2 was simple and very predictable. The plot will not give you any thrill at all. Sometimes, it seemed like too many things got congested in a single movie. To me, it didn't disappoint much, because I was not a big fan of its prequel, Rio. Rio 2 may seem enjoyable to children, but should not amuse the elders. We have seen several animated films like the Ice Age series, which seemed enjoyable to elders too.

Rio 2 has a good number of songs in it. Sometimes those felt as a good touch, sometimes not. But this movie badly lacked some humor elements. More humors could make it more pleasant. The animation and the use of colors was brilliant in this movie, and that's the only thing I liked about it. The direction seemed good in Rio 2, but the screenplay seemed weak.

The dialogues of all the characters were okay but nothing extraordinary. They could be prefect if they contained more humor. The character of Blu didn't seem strong enough. The characters of the villain Nigel also didn't seem strong.

So, finally, I didn't enjoy watching Rio 2 much. This movie lacked the trill from its sequel and it seemed as just a very predictable plot is moving forward. Children should love to see all those beautiful birds and other things, but it may not seem enjoyable to the grown ups. This one may seem inferior comparing with its prequel. So, I will not recommend watching Rio 2 to movie fans, even to the animation fans.

But that's just me. How did you like Rio 2? Share with us in the comments.

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